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About Me

A bit about me


      Hello! My name is Mandy Kivisto and I am the gal behind the camera of Altered Perceptions Studio! I was born and raised in Petersburg, Alaska, where I have my own family of 8! I have been a geeky girl my whole life! Aside from photography, I love "old school" video games, science fiction, funny t-shirts, coffee, everything 80's and my signature red Converse "Chucks"! Photography is truly my passion! When given the opportunity and the memory card space, I could take photos all day long! I see beauty in everything!


A bit about my work


     Two of the people I love the most, gave me a Canon Digital SLR camera as a gift. I have been unable to put down a camera since!!  When digital cameras and smartphones became commonplace, I had gotten used to just looking at a viewing screen when I take photos. But I now have to actually look through the “eye” of the camera to see what I am photographing. This may not seem like anything special, but for me, it added a personal connection back to my photography. I no longer feel like I am just “taking a picture”, I feel like I am part of the image and I think it is visible in my work. That camera literally altered my perception of the world and I hope I get to share that with everyone!

     In the past 4 years, I have become an award winning, 5 time nationally published photographer! I am mostly self-taught, and I constantly strive to improve my skills! Although, I love to photograph everything, I specialize in newborns and high school seniors! In my scenic work, I like to show the beauty of my home town (and wherever!) as accurately as possible, so you can see what I see! 




“When people look at my pictures I want them to feel the way they do when they want to read a line of a poem twice.” 

― Robert Frank

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